1000 Montgomery
Address 1000 Montgomery

San Francisco, CA 94133

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On Lok, inc. Administrative Offices1333 Bush StreetSan Francisco, CA 94109} Phone: 415-292-8888 } Fax: 415-292-8745 } Email: General information:

On Lok House 1441 Powell (between Vallejo and Broadway) is a HUD 202 project. It opened in 1980 and has 54 studio units, designed for one or two occupants, on five floors. All residents must meet HUD low-income standards and, through agreement with HUD, all units are reserved for the elderly. On Lok House manages the housing in this building.§

1000 Montgomery (at Broadway) opened in 1989 as a single room occupancy (SRO) hotel, with three floors devoted to housing. It has 35 rooms, with access to microwave ovens and refrigerators on each floor, as well as a shared dining room and shared accessible bathrooms. On Lok Community Housing manages the housing in this building§

Dr. William L. Gee House 1333 Bush Street (at Larkin), opened in 1994. On two floors it has 42 units of single occupancy housing specially designed for the elderly. Residents share the use of accessible bathrooms, a living room and dining room on their floor, and a roof garden. On Lok Community Housing manages the housing in this building. Seek information about this site and other SRO Sites at

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