A Woman's Place Drop-In Center
Address 211 13th St.(@ Mission St.)

San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone (415) 293-7360
Hours 24/7

A Woman's Place Drop-In Center is a women-focused site providing a welcoming haven for single women-identified individuals (24/7) and their families (from 8am-3:30pm ONLY) where they can access services that nurture healing and build strength.

AWPDI is NOT a shelter, and there are NO beds in the facility.  However, women may stay in the drop-in chairs overnight if there are no shelter beds available elsewhere in the system. No woman is turned away, unless they have violated conditions stated in the program rules and policies.

The desired outcome of the AWPDI is to secure housing and reduce the negative and harmful behaviors that make it difficult to do so. While the program promotes a harm reduction philosophy, clients are engaged on a regular basis to help them move step-by-step to a more stable environment. The intention is to eventually engage the women accessing services with early intervention services (including assessment, information, counseling and referral services for substance abuse, medical and mental health issues, vocational and housing needs).

AWPDI ServicesEdit

  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Individual and Group Support Services
  • Case Management Brokerage
  • Shower and Laundry Services
  • Healthy Snacks, as available

Referrals to:Edit

  • Supportive Permanent Housing
  • Long-term Secondary Treatment
  • Benefits Acquisition
  • Crisis Shelter for HIV Housing
  • Crisis Shelter for DV/Safe Housing
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Case-managed Shelter Beds

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