Albergo Hotel Verona
Address 317 Leavenworth Street (@ Eddy Street, 4 Blocks North of Market Str
Phone 415-351-2200

The Verona

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317 Leavenworth Street (@ Eddy Street, 4 Blocks North of Market Str


415-351-2203 (FAX)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

The Verona is managed by the Mary Elizabeth Inn.

About The Mary Elizabeth Inn

The Mary Elizabeth Inn (MEI) is a non-profit organization with a 95 year history of providing housing and support services to low-income women. It is our vision that women across all life's stages are empowered to achieve self-sufficiency, independence and security.

It is our mission to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness for women in the Bay Area by providing low income housing and support services. Women served by The Mary Elizabeth Inn include those who are homeless, have a history of substance abuse, have physical and mental disabilities, and victims of domestic violence. Safety, stability and personal empowerment are our primary values. Women with a diversity of life experiences, beliefs, ethnicities, languages and sexual orientations are welcome.

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Our Programming

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Albergo Hotel Verona

Supportive Housing

The Mary Elizabeth Inn currently provides 158 units of permanent supportive housing for low income women, with a particular focus on women who are formerly homeless. MEI provides supportive housing at The Mary Elizabeth Inn and the Verona Hotel. Our support services are provided by La Casa de Las Madres and Asian Women's Shelter. Our support services team assists tenants with housing retention and advocacy, counseling and emotional support, and group programming focused on employment, building life skills, health, and education.


Depending on the housing program, referrals to the MEI supportive housing program are made either through the Homeless Access Team, Domestic Violence Shelter, community based services, or our Homeless Women's Center. MEI maintains a waiting list for a portion of our supportive housing units. For more detailed information on program eligibility call Natalia Azucar at: (415) 817-1824.

Languages: Chinese, Spanish, English

Free Meal Program and Community Food Pantry:

MEI provides a free meal program M-F serving both breakfast and dinner. The program is available to our supportive housing residents and Homeless Women's Center clients. MEI also provides a weekly food pantry open to both our program participants and low income women in the community. The food pantry is every Wednesday at 10:00 am at our central location at 1040 Bush Street. For more information please contact Carla Belle at (415) 673-6768 ext. 227.

The Homeless Women's Center

The Homeless Women’s Center (HWC) serves extremely low income women, including women with children, who are currently on the streets or residing in temporary shelter. The primary goal of the Homeless Women’s Center is to meet the daily needs of homeless women and provide the services necessary to maximize housing placement and retention in order to foster personal and familial stability.

HWC Services:

· Breakfast Monday-Friday · Weekly food pantry · Emergency hygiene supplies · Women’s wellness programming · Free daily access to computers & phones · Case management & resource referrals · Computer education & employment support · Housing advocacy and placement services

HWC is located

1006 Bush Street San Francisco Ca 94109

Tel (415) 817-1824 Fax (415) 817 -1834

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Closed Daily 12-12:30 for lunch

Languages: Spanish

Contact: Natalia Azucar, Resource Specialist