At The Crossroads
Address 333 Valencia Street, Suite 320, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone (415) 487-0691
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333 Valencia Street, Suite 320, San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 487-0691 (phone)
(415) 487-0692 (fax)

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Mission StatementEdit

The mission of At The Crossroads is to reach out to homeless youth and young adults at their point of need, and work with them to build healthy and fulfilling lives. Our innovative model focuses on young people who do not access traditional services and are disconnected from any type of consistent support. We remove common barriers to service by bringing our counselors onto the streets, and shaping our support services around the needs of each individual client.

ATC’s ClientsEdit

At The Crossroads works with underserved homeless youth and young adults in San Francisco’s Mission and Downtown/Tenderloin neighborhoods. 

Accessing servicesEdit

ATC has to meet clients on the streets while counselors are on outreach either in the Mission or Downtown. Once a client has been met on outreach, they will be able to access other services the organization provides like getting free food, clothes, and counseling. 


Our clients are disconnected from people and organizations that can help them lead healthier lives. They do not have consistent contact with people or services which might help them think about their lives, create realistic plans to meet their goals, or connect them with the resources necessary to follow through on their plans.


Our clients live on the streets, or in unstable (short-term hotels, motels, “couch-surfing”), non-traditional (vans, tents), or illegal (abandoned buildings) housing.

Youth and young adultsEdit

We work with people in their teens and twenties.

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