This category only means that this Wiki Item is listed elsewhere with a similiar name.

For Example:

A hotel may be called The Hotel Rothschild but someone started a listing under a more common name for the same hotel, such as Rothschild Hotel or The Hotel Rothschild.

Instead of having multiple pages with the same information, a SEE OTHER LISTING referral page is being inserted, so you can be alerted to See The Other Listing, in the same wiki area (such as SRO Hotels) to make sure you do not miss out on details just because you are using a different spelling or useage of any hotel's name.

Hopefully, this will help you when you only know part of a hotel name. When you are on the SRO Hotels page, for example, you can also use your Browser's Find or Search Function (Usually Ctrl+F) on the menu to search the page for part of a phrase or word.

In the above example, you could have hit Ctrl + F keys to open a search the page box and typed in as little as the letters ROTH and you would have found ANY spelling variation of the Hotel Rothschild or Rothschild Hotel or The Rothschild Hotel.


Volunteer Techie

Sfbaysurf 01:44, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

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