I need assistance. I'm the only one in the family who knows my nephew, Corey Weiss, is alive and living as a homeless person in San Francisco. His mother is a maniac depressive and gave up on him years ago. His father and I believe he is still alive, but he won't upset his wife by searching for him. He disappeared 14 years ago and his disappearance has never been solved. I've reexamined the evidence time and time again. It all points to Corey choosing to live on the streets on SF alone. He is a brilliant individual with few social skills. He has one small defect that makes it difficult for him to fit in. He has a lazy right eye. While never expressing this to others, it's an obvious problem for a brilliant person. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Mo with a degree in mathematics with a 3.85 GPA. He never had to study very hard. It came easy for him. After months in the midwest trying to find a job, he moved to SF. He could not hold the most menial of jobs. He parked his car in the parking area of the Golden Gate Bridge and put his wallet on the dash board and never returned. His attempt was to make it look like a suicide. He never jumped. His roommate was a Physical Therapist. While not a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, he had some medical training and said Corey was never suicidal, just a loner.

I used to live in San Francisco and I know how the homeless survive very well. Soup kitchens, sleeping areas, sanctuary city rules, etc. I can't, right now, drop every thing and come out to SF and go to all the areas where he might be and hope to bump into him.

If there is anyone that can give me some guidance in St. Louis, MO, I would be grateful for your help. I doing this because there is a break-down in out family structure currency. I know Corey is alive. Please help find Corey Weiss.

Rick Veatch




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