Dreamcatchers Youth Shelter And Support Center
Address Mailing address:

2325 Clement Avenue Alameda, CA 94501

Phone (510) 522-8363
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Mailing address:

2325 Clement Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Telephone: (510) 522-8363 (information)
Toll-free: (800) 379-1114 (to get into a shelter)

Dreamcatchers is the only emergency shelter for youth ages 13 through 18 in Alameda County. It is located in a house in downtown Oakland and provides overnight shelter, laundry, shower, food, clothing, transportation and counseling services to youth who have runaway from home, been thrown out of their homes, or who are living on the streets.

All services are free of charge and voluntary.

DreamCatcher Youth Shelter is a program of Alameda Family Services.

All services are confidential and the Center is legally mandated to contact guardians after the first 24 hours of shelter and no longer than 72 hours. (The address shown above is the mailing address and not the address of the shelter.)

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