Emergency Department Case Management Program (EDCM) - SFGH

The Emergency Department Case Management Program (EDCM) is a case management program at San Francisco General Hospital developed by the Division of Psychosocial medicine within the Department of Psychiatry. Its purpose is to meet the psychosocial needs of patients with complex problems who frequently rely on Emergency Department (ED) to address medical, substance abuse, social service or psychological problems. Our goal is to identify, enroll and engage patients by providing a thorough needs assessment and on-going intensive case management. Case Managers will assist patients in arranging for housing, financial entitlements, primary medical care, mental health and substance abuse treatment referrals, and other social services. We will help patients establish supportive community connections. We will coordinate treatment efforts with other involved hospital departments, community agencies and will be available to patients’ families and support systems. We anticipate a reduction in unnecessary ED visits and improvement in patients’ self-determination as demonstrated by using effective problem solving skills and improved access to services. Eligibility: Any person 18 years old or older who is a San Francisco resident with five or more visits to the medical emergency department at SFGH within the past 12 months, EDCM is a voluntary program. The person being referred must consent to case management services and not currently be receiving services that duplicate EDCM services. Referrals and questions can be directed to Christina Wade, LCSW 206-4688 or pager (415) 327-1205 or Program Coordinator Kathy O'Brien, LCSW 206-5071 or pager (415) 719-3531 Hours: Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM (Referrals can be left 24 hours at 415-206-4688) Referral Pager (415) 719-6102 Fax 415-206-8345

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