General Delivery - U.S. Post Office
Address General Delivery

391 Ellis Street San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone 800-275-8777
Hours 10-2
Summary See article

800-275-8777 (Post office locations and information)

M-S: 10-2 (mail pick-up)

Individuals without a permanent address can receive mail via General Delivery at any United States postal office that accepts General Delivery service. Call to get the address of the nearest post office where the mail should be delivered and bring a government issued photo I.D. with first and last name matching the name on the mailing address when picking up mail.

A sample General Delivery address for the post office in the Tenderloin would be:

John Smith
General Delivery
391 Ellis Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
101 Hyde U.S. Post Office

101 Hyde Street Post Office

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