Help for Non-Profits and CBOs
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This page was created to collect various sources where agencies can get business help, such as grant information, and links to specialized services helping the non-profit community.

* Create your own website for your non-profit organization.  It's free and easy using a simple tool called Yola.   If you'd prefer to have someone create your site for you, we can match you with web designers.  Either way, you'll be able to update your site without having to go through a designer.

*This is a chart of funding opportunities, dated January 2009, prepared by HomeBase.

* TechSoup, provides dramatically discounted software and training for non-profits

* Community Technology Network,an advocate and catalyst for digital inclusion and literacy by providing training, mentorship, networking and volunteers to under-served communities. CTN has a strong history of supporting organizations that provide services to the homeless.

* Craigslist Foundation, yearly boot camp is essential, but the web site also lists notes and resources from previous boot camps, and links to popular agencies available to help year round (like a great version of what this page could be).

* Van Jones keynote speech at the 2006 Craigslist Boot Camp - This 35 minute speech has inspired me many times when I felt down about stuff in my non-profit. Super amazing! A must listen for anyone planning a non-profit, or struggling with one, or maybe looking to fine tune things. ALSO: here's a transcript of the above audio link. I've been wanting a transcript for a longtime, and I just found it! However, it's more memorable to listen, it's such an amazing speech.

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