Homeless Policy and Legislation
Address Ali Schlageter

SF Local Homeless Coordinating Board Policy Analyst

Phone 1-415-558-1825
Contact(s) Fax: 1-415-558-2834
Summary See article

This page will provide a review of policy and legislation resources and groups that addresses homelessness through policy and legislation.

San Francisco Homeless Coordinating Board

Policy and Legislation Committee

Monthly meetings provide an opportunity for concerned citizens to discuss and review current policies and legislation that address homelessness.

For information regarding meetings, please contact:

Megan Owens

SF Local Homeless Coordinating Board Policy Analyst

Phone: 1-415-557-6007


Coaltion on Homelessness, San Francisco

SPUR -- San Francisco Planning Urban Research Association

Homebase: the Center for Common Concerns

Matt Gonzalez

San Francisco Department of Public Health

National Coalition for the Homeless

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