Facts from San Francisco Government webpage describing the City's Housing First Program:

In 1999, San Francisco began a supportive housing program using single room occupancy hotels that have been renovated by the owners and leased to nonprofit housing agencies under contract with HSA. The housing agencies provide property management, support services and money management with the main outcome focused on housing retention. This program was established to provide housing options to very low-income homeless individuals.

In May 2004, San Francisco implemented the voter-approved Care Not Cash initiative reforming the City’s cash assistance program. Homeless CAAP clients receive a reduced cash grant in exchange for permanent supportive housing in the Housing First Program. More than 95% of all individuals placed in this program remain housed. The Care Not Cash portion of this program is made available through the clients’ CAAP eligibility workers at 1235 Mission Street. Other low-income clients are referred via city shelters and programs serving homeless adults.


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