This page will be for people to add notes about what is changing in the service community, such as agencies closing, and services at agencies being dropped, etc. The wiki administrators will use these notes to update the agencies main pages and supporting pages (like templates) if necessary. Of course users are encouraged to make their own direct changes onto the agencies pages, but we understand that some people are still not comfortable in doing that.

UPDATE 7-11-09: Some of these may have been restored through an agreement between the mayor and Board. Still waiting for confirmation. A note will be placed next to each where the restoration is rumored.

Note: This is a partial list and needs to be built up.

Tenderloin HealthEdit

  • closing June 30
  • unknown what agencies are picking up clients

150 OtisEdit

  • beds closing June 30 and re-opening as a 24 hours male/female drop in for July, and then closing in August

All City-Run SheltersEdit

  • changing from 24 hour service to 15 hour service
  • This may have been restored to 24 hrs, at least for 3 major shelters

MSC SouthEdit

  • begins operation as a drop-in center for men and women on August 1 (in addition to regular shelter services)

Mission Neighborhood Resource CenterEdit

  • closing ladies night service
  • this may have been restored


Last day is July 31st.

Caduceus Outreach ServicesEdit

  • Closing or just reducing service?
  • This may have been restored


  • Closing just the drop in center.

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