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Leland House - Catholic Charities CYO
Address 141 Leland Avenue, 94134
Phone 415-405-2000415-337-1137 (FAX)
Contact(s) Intake Coordinator: 415-405-2063
Hours 24 hours daily
Language(s) English, Spanish, French.
Summary See article

141 Leland Avenue, 94134


415-337-1137 (FAX)

24 hours daily

A 45-bed residential facility serving low-income adults with disabling HIV/AIDS. The bed mix consists of 35 units for ambulatory individuals with middle to late-stage HIV disease who need supportive services, and 10 beds designed to provide end-stage care. Services include nursing and psychosocial case management, money management, 24-hour direct care staff, 3 meals a day + snacks, and activities.

Residents live in their own fully furnished rooms, each cable and telephone ready. Residents will share common showers and restroom, as well as a spacious dining room and a family/community room which contains a fireplace and a large screen television.

Applicants for the 35 assisted living beds must be referred through the Housing Waitlist. Referrals for the 10 end-stage beds will be accepted from care providers, caseworkers, community agencies, etc. To refer prospective residents for the 10 end -stage/high-level care beds, please contact the Intake Coordinator at 415-405-2063. All applicants must go through intake process with Leland House prior to being accepted.

English, Spanish, French.

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