Lenscrafters at Stonestown Galleria - Gift of Sight Program
Address 3251 20th Ave
Phone 415-566-9292 , 415-566-9187 (FAX)
Summary See article

3251 20th Ave


415-566-9187 (FAX)

An agency may refer one person per week to receive a free pair of eyeglasses and eye exam. To refer someone fax a letter to the Gift of Sight Program. The letter must be on agency stationery, and contain the person's name and the agency's tax ID#. Lenscrafters will provide the pair of eyeglasses and the eye exam. The advocate should call to schedule an appointment at the Stonestown Galleria Lenscrafters office, located at 3251 20th Ave.

As of 5/19/09, an agency qualified as long as it was a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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