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Oshun Women's Drop-in Center

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Oshun Women's Drop-in Center
Address 211-13th Street

Off 13th Street and Mission

Phone (415) 293-7360 24hrs/day 7days/week

&nbsp NOTICE: Beginning 12/27/2011 Oshun Center is now A Women's Place Drop-in Center/CATS (AWPDI) located at 211 13th St. San Francisco CA

A Women's Place is a women-focused 24-hour, 7-day per week site providing a welcoming safe haven for women and their families where they can access services that nurture healing, and build strength.

Although, AWPDI is not a shelter women are allowed to stay overnight if there are no Shelter Beds available elsewhere in the system. Women are not turned away, except for inappropriate behavior as stated in the Policies and rules.

The desired outcome of the AWP Drop In Center is to secure housing and reduce the negative and harmful behaviors that make it difficult to secure permanent housing. While the program promotes a harm reduction philosophy, clients are engaged on a regular basis to help them move step by step to a more stable environment.

The intention is to eventually engage the women accessing Drop in services with early intervention services. These services will include assessment, information, counseling and referral services for substance abuse, medical and mental health issues, vocational and housing needs.

Support Services:

  • Showers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Access to Phones
  • Snacks (soup, juice, sandwiches)
  • Meals if available for families and single women

Case Management services:

  • Case management with a focus on creating a "Street to Home" plan.
  • Counseling and referral to Substance Abuse services
  • Access to Shelter Beds

Check schedule

  • Group activities i.e. arts and crafts, bingo
  • Early recovery groups, lifeskills group, emotional support groups
  • Meditation group
  • AA/NA self help meetings (evenings)

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