During the history of, there have been a few cases of pages created where the agency may not fit the criteria of belonging on Unfortunately that criteria has never been exactly spelled out, except for a few guidelines where the agency should be associated with service of the San Francisco homeless population.

Another issue that comes up is what content is appropriate for an agency's page. It is the opinion of the administrators that content should be neutral and helpful and factual. Sometimes a user would like to add information that is inflammatory albeit possibly truthful. The Wikimedia creators have foreseen such a need and created the "Discussion" or "Talk" tabs at the top of pages. On we have decided that liberal use will be made of the Discussion tab and should include opinions of users, so long as it is not offensive. It is also requested that people use footnotes or references to media authorities when backing up claims of disputed matters.

For example, an agency may be accused of not being what they claim to be. A user may edit the main content page of that agency to include an accusation. It is the policy of that such an accusation should be placed on the Discussion page, and if at some point there is a finding by the courts or government that the accusations are true, then that should be noted on the main content page.

It is also acceptable to have links to media stories, such as established papers or magazines and not personal blogs, where the agency is the main focus of the story. These links can be placed on the main content page of the agency, and the description of the link should be neutral and not inflammatory.

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