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2973 - 16th St., Suite 319

San Francisco, CA 94103


415-575-1645 (FAX)

Proyecto ContraSIDA por Vida closed its doors in August 2005. They retained a contract with SF AIDS Office/DPH to maintain services for their Transgender population, now known as the EL/LA Program. The Trans program has moved across from the old location but remains on 16th Street. The new location is in the Redbrick Building, on the corner of Capp.

EL/LA Para TransLatinas is breaking new ground for the TG community in SF. They offer programs weekly including ESL classes, risk reduction counseling, peer support and even a Cine Club. They are open evenings Tuesday through Friday.

Agency Closed - Services No Longer Available- The information below is old

Proyecto ContraSIDA Por Vida Once Provided a safe space, programs and services that invigorate Latina/o bisexual, lesbian, transgender and gay individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area with debate and desire, intellectual thought, erotic imagination and heartfelt passion. PCPV is guided by a vision of a healthy community capable of resisting/responding to HIV and other diseases-ease with creativity, strength and faith.

Programs consisted of various creative writing classes, social and political discussion groups, one-on-one counseling, condom distribution and outreach. All PCPV programs follow a harm reduction philosophy, are peer-run and created, and use the vehicle of art and self-expression as a way to inspire positive changes in our community.

El/La Para Translatinas 2940 16th St., Suite 319 San Francsico, CA 94103 (415) 864-7278

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