San Francisco Clean City Coalition 366 Eddy Street, San Francisco CA 94102 • 415.552.9201x14 •

Clean City’s transitional employment programs provide neighborhood-based transitional employment, training and job placement assistance to homeless and very low-income individuals through community improvement projects and vocational support services.  Our paid transitional employment opportunities include 4 months of paid hourly work which primarily consists of street sweeping, graffiti abatement and greening projects.  Participants typically work 12-20 hours per week with varied shifts.  The unpaid employment readiness and training workshops provide Individuals with comprehensive job search support, interviewing skills, computer access and basic training with referrals to outside support services.  In addition, Clean City offers a two year aftercare program that includes job retention support, assistance with career advancement goals, access to computer lab and internet, on-going job search and monthly support meetings. Participants make $12.25 per hour for the work portion part of the program, they do not get paid for job search.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call or email us.  I am also attaching a copy of our next program orientation flyer which provides information on when and where the next program orientation is held.  At the orientation, interested individuals will learn all about our program and are able to receive an employment application (referral packet). The program orientations are typically held every Tuesday at various locations throughout the city. The list is updated on our website

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