San Francisco Department of Human Services - Adult Protective Services (APS)
Address 1650 Mission St, 2nd Floor, 94102
Phone 415-355-6700,
Contact(s) 415-355-6700 (Hotline/Referrals/Info)
Hours 24 Hours Daily
Language(s) English
Summary See article

P.O. Box 7988, 94120

415-355-6700 Hotline/Referrals/Info)

415-355-6750 (FAX)

24 hours daily

Assists all San Francisco elders (65+) and adults with disabilities (ages 18-64 years) whose physical or mental condition restricts his/her ability to protect his/her rights who are abused or neglected or at risk of abuse or neglect. The abuse may be physical violence, sexual assault, financial exploitation, neglect by others or self, abandonment, or emotional harassment and intimidation. They provide short-term case management and crisis intervention services for victims, connecting the individuals to the services needed to stop the abuse and ensure their on-going safety. The focus is on maintaining individuals in their own homes. Services include: emergency shelter/in-home protection, counseling, and tangible services. The services are free and voluntary, individuals may refuse them.

Abuse InvestigationsEdit

P.O. Box 7988, 94120


415-557-5377 (FAX)

24 hours daily

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Adult Protective Services (APS) - AA

P.O. Box 7988, 94120

415-557-5230 (Hotline/Referrals/Info)


415-557-5377 (Fax)

24 hours daily

Investigates possible abuse or neglect of elders and disabled/dependent adults.  The abuse may be physical, emotional, financial, neglect by others, or self-neglect.  If abuse is suspected, social workers provide short-term counseling, case management, and referral services to stop the abuse and ensure the ongoing safety of the person, involving the courts, if required and if the victim agrees.  These services are available to all San Francisco residents, aged 65 and over, or disabled/dependent younger adults, 18–64.  There are no fees for these services.

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