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Welcome to San Francisco Homeless Resource
a resource directory that anyone can edit

San Francisco Homeless Resource is a collaborative website for homeless advocates, providers, government and others in San Francisco. The wiki is a new evolution of how all parties helping the homeless can get together and share information efficiently and quickly.

The site can be updated by any user, so everyone can add and update information -- allowing much greater efficiency in serving the homeless community in San Francisco.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about how to be a part of the wiki!


1,117 articles since December 2006

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Department of Veterans Affairs:
SF VAMC Fort Miley | SF VAMC Downtown Clinic | SF Vet Center

Other Agencies:
Swords to Plowshares | Veterans Category

VETERANS CRISIS LINE: 1 (800) 273-8255


Please be aware! Veterans have access to all general services besides government VA services, including county, GA, food stamps, housing, etc.


North Beach | Marina | Bayview | Potrero Hill | Sunset | Richmond | Balboa Neighborhood Portal Project | List of Neighborhood Associations

---> How Do You - Main Portal <---
  • How do you get into a shelter?
  • How do you get benefits?
  • How do you get into supportive housing?

Community edited and supported, and still needs expert contributions to the answers. Please help!

Groups and Organizations
Coalition On Homelessness (COH) | Supportive Housing Network (SHN) | Ten Year Plan Implementation Council (TYPIC) | Local Homeless Coordinating Board (LHCB)
Homeless Service Providers' Network (HSPN) | Project Homeless Connect (PHC) | Shelter Monitoring Committee (SMC)

COH is a leading homeless advocacy agency in San Francisco. Check their wiki page or web site for a description of their services. Click here to read the COH blog with commentary and news. BLOG

Weekly workgroups at 468 Turk:

  • Civil Rights, Mondays from 12:00-2:00
  • Families and Immigrants, Mondays at 12:00
  • Housing First for Families campaign committee, Thursdays at 12:00
  • Right to a Roof, Wednesdays at 3:00 Also check the Street Sheet for updates and news.
Coalition's wiki page


The Supportive Housing Network (SHN) meets every 3rd Thursday, 3-5pm, at the Dorothy Day Community Room located at 54 McAllister.

  • Next meeting: TBA. SHN is a network made up of direct service providers, resident leaders and property managers in Supportive Housing in SF. Our goal is to increase education on SH issues in efforts to lower the rates of evictions in SF’s Supportive Housing. We have a training component at each of our meetings—usually a speaker invited to share their expertise on a related topic.
Supportive Housing Network wiki page

The TYPIC monitors the City's Ten Year Plan to End Homeless and works with government agencies, the Local Homeless Coordinating Board, and other groups and the public to ensure that the directives of the plan are being implemented. The council meets at quarterly meetings with the Policy Cluster, LHCB, and Shelter Monitoring Committee. As of 2008 the council meets quarterly and its meeting place is usually Room 305 at City Hall.

The Council's meeting schedule is not set in advance, and when they meet there is usually short notice. We will try to post meeting dates when we learn them.

San Francisco Ten Year Plan Implementation Council wiki page

Meeting Schedule:
  • Full Board, TBA (usually first Monday of month), 11:00-1:00, at 170 Otis, Born Auditorium
  • Policy Committee, TBA, 11:00-12:30, 1440 Harrison, 2nd or 3rd floor conf rm
  • Funding Committee, TBA, 10:00-12:00, 1440 Harrison, 2nd or 3rd floor conf rm

The Local Homeless Coordinating Board is the lead entity for the San Francisco Continuum of Care. The Local Board works to ensure a unified homeless strategy that is supported by the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, City departments, nonprofit agencies, people who are homeless or formerly homeless and the community at large. All efforts are aimed at permanent solutions, and the range of services is designed to meet the unique and complex needs of individuals who are threatened with or currently experiencing homelessness.

LHCB wiki page

Service providers and advocates meet from 10:00 A.M. through Noon on the 3rd Thursday of each month to network, discuss issues, and confront challenges facing the homeless community.

NEW LOCATION!!! Starting in 2014 we will be meeting at the St. Anthony's at 150 Golden Gate (check front desk for location). The day and time are not expected to change, but please keep watch for any announcements!

Upcoming Meetings

Every Third Thursday, from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

SFHSPN also maintains a discussion group for regular e-mail communications. To join, please attend a meeting or send an e-mail to

Joining and Using SFHSPN's discussion group


Check web site for date changes and updates! PHC Web site

The Shelter Monitoring Committee provides the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Local Homeless Coordinating Board, the public, and any other appropriate agency with accurate, comprehensive information about the conditions in and operations of shelters and resource centers. The 13-member body meets monthly to hear concerns and suggestions about City-funded shelters and resource centers and conducts announced and unannounced site visits.

The SMC meets on the Third Wednesday of the month at City Hall, in Room 408. Please post for clients and members of the public. Committee Meetings begin at 10:00 AM. For more information about the meeting or to request a copy of the agenda, please call 415.255.3642.

Shelter Monitoring Committee wiki page


* NEW DIRECTORY MAPPING FUNCTIONS! SF Homeless Resource has received a generous charitable donation of programming from BRUTE LABS in the form of mapping/directory summaries added to each of the wiki's hundreds of agencies. You will see these summaries on the page, but you can also see them as they are regenerated on projectOPEN so that they can be seen together and used in various searches. Thank you BRUTE LABS!

* SF HOMELESS RESOURCE WIKI IS AD FREE! SF Homeless Resource is a non-profit administered resource web site and is being hosted without ads! We hope that this change will allow users at concerned agencies to contribute more freely, or permit their employees to use SF Homeless Resource without violating any internal internet usage policies. Enjoy!

* OUR FACEBOOK GROUP! - SF Homeless Resource Wiki Facebook Group - We will use this Facebook group to promote SF Homeless Resource Wiki. Please join and tell people you know who would be interested in joining.

SF Bar Association, Volunteer Legal Services (VLSP),
Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) Resource Manual, 2013-2014 Edition Wiki Updates Project
The 2013-2014 HAP Manual has many changes that are not currently part of The question is whether the wiki or the manual contains the most up to date information.

The most efficient way to ensure the wiki has the best information is to add the 2013-2014 HAP Manual text into its respective wiki agency page under a new section “2013-2014 HAP Manual”. It will then be up to future wiki users to determine whether and how to update the agency page with the new information. A “Needs Clean Up” category will be added to pages with new 2013-2014 text added to them.

When a user has finished the clean up task for an agency, the user should
(1) remove the 2013-2014 section, and
(2) remove the Clean Up category, and
(3) remove this 2013-2014 HAP template.
Percent of 2013-2014 HAP Manual added to _ 0%
Number of Agencies needing 2013-2014 Clean Up: _ approx 700
Category: Needs Clean Up

W i s h _ L i s t

We have received lots of feedback from all of you saying how much you love SF Homeless Resource Wiki! But this site isn't about us making some changes here and there, but about you coming forth with your knowledge and wisdom and sharing it!!
Wish 1: More people pressing EDIT on the top of the agency page they're visiting -- and then adding useful info, or new info, or changed info, etc.!
Wish 2: Please contribute to the How Do You - Main Portal. In it you the expert share with others how to do something that you probably explain to others all day long anyway. I hear from people all the time how they don't know common procedures, and don't know where to go to get some info. PLEASE HELP by writing down the answers to these questions and then you might not have to answer them on phone so much because this page will turn into this great resource that people will naturally check first before calling you!
Wish 3: Please contribute to the newly created Homelessness Policy Overview page. There is so much policy angst in this City with all the different approaches to all the different areas of how we help the homeless, that we need a place to write it all down to properly educate ourselves. And not just for the provider community but the public too. They need a place beside the media to get arguments for-and-against these different proposals that seem to come out every week.
Wish 4: Another plea for Wish 1. It's easy to EDIT info on a page. Click on EDIT on the top of every page and a Word-like page opens up, and you change the info as easy a editing a Word doc. Then press SAVE. You're done. Easy. You've contributed! Thank you!
Wish 5: Please contribute to the newly created Neighborhood Portal Project. This is going to be awesome when it's done. All we need are volunteers to help add Neighborhood categories to existing agency pages. Then one day soon someone needing a service in their neighborhood can click and get help because a client is more willing to go some place local to them instead of going into the Tenderloin or Civic Center where a lot of services seem to be congested.


To add a new agency or resource, enter the page title in the box below. To prevent duplication, please Search for a previously existing agency or resource and modify that instead of creating a new entry.

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