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Drew January 2012

My son Drew Anthony Kenney is missing. We fear the worst as he was living on the streets in SF for the last few months and would not leave due to the support of General Assistance and Methadone Clinic.  He used to contact me once a week, but now it has been two weeks. He was determined and planning to attend his sister's graduations and we could not reach him.

Last Known Locations Edit

Drew was last heard from on the evening of June 2nd and he said he had to get back to work, bouncing at a strip club in San Francisco.  He was worried about his safety and felt sure he would be murdered.  He would not tell me where he was.  We think he would hang out South of Mission, O'Farrell, Mason, etc.

The phone records show his last activity to be calls on June 5th in the early afternoon.

Last Facebook Check in June 1st:

1237 Polk Street (between Fern Street & Bush Street)San Francisco, California 94109-5543

Specifics on DrewEdit

23 years old

Brown Hair

Large Blue Eyes

6' 2"

150 lbs or less

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