Season of Sharing (SOS)
Phone General information for San Francisco residents, please phone 415-557-6484.
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Funds are available to assist very low-income households in a one-time crisis with back rent or move-in costs. Families with minor children, disabled and seniors 60 or older are eligible. The funds are administered by the San Francisco Department of Human Services (DHS), but applicants must fill out an application with a referral agency. The Review Committee reviews, approves or denies applications twice a month. Current policy is to allow an SOS grant one time only. Referral agencies include: the Salvation Army, Glide, Catholic Charities, Family Service Agency, St. Anthony's, and approximately 21 others. If applicant is receiving CalWORKs/TANF, they should contact their eligibility worker to see if they qualify for Homeless Assistance funds.

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