Sheriff's Work Alternative Program (SWAP)
Address 70 Oak Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone 415-575-6450
Hours 7 days a week: 8am-5pm
Summary See article

70 Oak Grove St., 94107


415-575-6451 (FAX)

7 days a week: 8am-5pm

A program provided in lieu of jail either during court sentencing or after incarceration. Classes and counseling are conducted M-F and work crews are offered seven days a week. Individuals referred by the court in lieu of jail must participate in SWAP for a minimum of two days a week. They must pay a $100 registration fee plus $20 per day. If they cannot pay, they may participate in the 5 Keys Charter School Program or be assigned to SWAP Monday through Friday. Prisoners transferred from jail, during the last 90 days of their sentence, must participate five days a week, M-F until their official release date. No fee for Monday-Friday participants. Individuals are evaluated for educational and substance abuse counseling needs by Sheriff's Counselors and assigned to a combination of 5 Keys Charter School and SWAP work crews. All community members are welcome to participate in the 5 Keys Charter School Program, with particular focus on ex-offenders.

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