"My partner and I went to MSC South on Saturday. Staff were not helpful in explaining the process to get a bed, and we did not know until after 8 pm whether we would be allowed to stay in the same shelter. As a matter of fact, staff gave contradictory and misleading information repeatedly, about the process and about other services. We wound up leaving the shelter at 4 am Sunday morning, after I was sent down to the front desk for the fourth time to explain what I was doing in the bed I was in - seems staff is not able to use their own computer system very well. My bed assignment kept getting lost, and several times I was assigned a bed that already had someone in it. In my opinion, most of the staff have no compassion or patience for someone going through this shelter for the first time. My emails and phone calls to the Executive Director have gone unanswered." Rev.MikMca 00:12, July 14, 2011 (UTC)