I love having someone fighting for my rights.  It is good you are connected to The Tecnology Lab at 150 Golden Gate Avenue.  I am trying to start a poetry group on Saturdays.  My name is Patricia Walker, and this was approved by Eddie Husband.  I need a little funding, around $20.00 a week for copies and snacks.  I will visit you office sometime today. !0/18/

Hartland Hotel/Needs a good cleaning Edit

Please Clean The Hartland Hotel.  I am, very depressed with the filth.

I understand you are helping people on the first of the month, but you do not start distributing the checks until 9am but your clients line up as early as 6:30 am. Then while they wait in line they often block the sidewalk, many openly drink beer or hard liquer, as others smoke crack. I have been watching from my neighbors house and have taken a whole slew of pictures as well as filming your clients behaving criminally. If you can NOT stop, or at least try to stop this behaviour, we will do what ever we must to close your site. I have already spoke to a detective at the tenderloin substation and he was the one who instrcted us on what to film and take pictures of. Clean up your act, or take it somewhere else.