William Penn
Address 160 Eddy (@ Taylor, 2 Blocks North of Market)
Phone 415-775-5373
Summary See article

160 Eddy (@ Taylor, 2 Blocks North of Market)


Units: 91 SRO Rooms.

22 Units are set asides for Shelter Plus Care and THC - Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

Mix of shared bath and in room bath.

Managed By: CHP - Community Housing Program

For Owner/Master: Chinatown Community Development Corporation

Program: Shelter Plus Care

Open Wait List - (4-6 month wait)

SROs with Community Kitchens & Bathrooms. Some with Private Baths

Occupancy: 1 person Rooms without Bathrooms: $420 (shared community bathroom) Rooms with Baths: $494 (private bath in the room)

Support Services on Site

The building has limited accessibility.

Sfbaysurf 20:30, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

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