Help Find Jackson Miller, born 6/19/90, missing since 5/15/10


MISSING:   Since May 15, 2010

'CIRCUMSTANCES':   He left his home in Cupertino, CA and parked his car at the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot. He left his belongings including his ID & wallet in the car. Bridge authorities reported that there were no jumps from the bridge. There have been several sightings of Jackson in San Francisco since then and the search for him is still active. Jackson suffers from a medical condition.  AGE:   Born June, 1990. Left at age 19. Currently 22 years old. GENDER:   Male   HEIGHT:   5'10"   WEIGHT:   150-160 lbs.   EYES:   Blue   HAIR:   Brown

REPORTED TO:   Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, Sgt. Rick Alanis #1781, (408) 686-3664

Call: 1-800-The-Lost with any informationEdit

Go to for more informationEdit

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